Wilted Peace Lily #869824

Asked May 23, 2024, 4:33 PM EDT

Hello, I have a peace lily, which is about 10 years old. I water it once a week. About two months ago, it started to wilt. I suppose it's due to the fact that most of "trunk"of the plant is exposed and there is not a lot of soil left (see photo attached). Plus, the vase is old and I think it's not doing a proper drainage. I've just replanted it in a new vase with a brand new soil. I would like to know if that could be the issue or there is something more. Thank you very much for your time and wisdom!

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

Hi, Luciano,
We are not sure if the photo is of the plant before or after being re-potted. It appears that the pot is too large for the plant in either case. This can lead to too much moisture in the pot. Please check to see if the container has drainage holes. The leaf in the front left of the image shows classic signs of overwatering-the line on the leaf edge where it is brown on one side and green closer to the stem. Rather than watering on a regular schedule, you can use the finger test-stick your finger into the top inch of the soil and make sure that it is nearly dry before watering to avoid overwatering. You can click here to read an article about potting indoor houseplants. You might also find this article Diagnose Indoor Plant Problems  of interest.
Thank you for your question.

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