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Asked May 23, 2024, 12:58 PM EDT

We have a grape vine that is about 40 yrs old and has not be pruned since for ever and the canes have taken over the place. When would be a good time to prune it? also would like to take cutting from it and how to stsrt them

Josephine County Oregon

Expert Response

Here are some steps you can take to prune an old grape vine:

  1. Remove dead or diseased vines: Use Garden shears to cut the vine near the root.
  2. Remove suckers: Cut any suckers growing from the bottom of the vine.
  3. Remove intertwining vines: Leave the strongest and healthiest vine.
  4. Select a new trunk: Choose a cane growing from the base of the vine and cut it to the desired height.
  5. Choose fruiting canes: Select two to four new canes per vine and cut each back to about 15 buds.
  6. Remove old wood: Cut off last year's canes that bore fruit.
  7. Tie canes to a trellis: Tie the chosen canes to a trellis as they grow.
  8. Space out canes: Space upright canes at least six inches apart.  Here is an article that may help:

Chris Rusch Replied May 24, 2024, 1:35 AM EDT

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