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Asked May 23, 2024, 11:15 AM EDT

I mailed my soil sample in on 5/3/2024 and I still have not received any results via email, text or by mail.

Kalkaska County Michigan

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Sorry to hear! Is this a home lawn and garden soil test, or our commercial test? Where did you purchase it, and when? I do not see any record in the system of the lab having received a sample under your name, but let me know if it was submitted under a different name. Once I have this information, I'll let you know what options are available. 

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Hi Brent,
This was a home lawn and garden soil test that was purchased for us as a gift in 2020, I assume it was purchased online as the person who bought it for us lives in Colorado. Below is a picture of my copy of the form. 


What would be the next best thing to do?

Thank you,
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Aw, that is unfortunate then! That program was managed through the Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory, which ceased operation in 2022. Those mailers are no longer valid, and your sample will never make it to a lab for processing. :-( We launched a new soil testing program in partnership with a different lab last year. That program is completely separate from the old program, and requires the use of a new new soil testing mailer. I wish I had better news for you, but that is where we are at currently.

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