Aspen Tree Trunk Damage #869586

Asked May 22, 2024, 10:09 AM EDT

I put one of those plastic tree trunk tube covers on my Aspen tree to protect it from the deer that kept rubbing against the trunk and causing damage. However, I left it on for at least 2 years without taking it off during the summer. I can see from the damage on the trunk when I just removed it that was probably not a good idea. I have included a picture of the trunk that is black and orange-ish. The tree still has leaves on it,but what can I do to protect and save it? I've included a picture.

Carver County Minnesota

Expert Response

Thank you for your question and picture. Unfortunately, your aspen tree has damage that appears to be very deep into the inner layers of your tree. This makes it very difficult for a tree to recover. Also, the black and orange areas may be a fungus or bacteria that takes hold of a tree when it's stressed. If you'd like to have someone take a look at it in person, call a certified arborist. Here is a link to find one in your area:

An Ask Extension Expert Replied May 23, 2024, 9:57 AM EDT

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