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Asked February 11, 2024, 3:36 PM EST

I live in a townhome association and my 25+ year old shrubs are showing their age. All shrubs must be planted in beds filled with river rock to keep the weeds in check. Some of my shrubs are right next to the driveway where they get salt and snow shoveled over them in typical winters. They are in partial shade and the soil is not great. I have bridal wreath and a spreading ground cover that may be in the yew family. What are good options for my conditions?

Dakota County Minnesota

Expert Response

Susan, I have four good options for you! Two are tall shrubs and two are shade trees. Regent serviceberry shrub gets to 6’ tall x 6’ wide, salt tolerant, tough and bears fruit for wildlife. Summertime Amur maackia is another tough shrub grows bigger at 15-20’ tall x 12-15’ wide.

For tree options: serviceberry tree grows to 25’ tall x 25’ wide. A larger tree that will do well is a Kentucky coffeetree, 50’ high  x 25’ wide. Look for the male tree to avoid the seed pods.


Tree Care Advisor volunteer 

An Ask Extension Expert Replied February 11, 2024, 11:13 PM EST

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