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Asked November 20, 2023, 12:45 PM EST

I was given 4 Orchid plants. I do not know weather they should be planted indoor or out. I have never had orchids before. Any information would be helpful. Thanks

Polk County Oregon

Expert Response

Thank you for your question.  Orchids are almost entirely native to the tropics, and will not survive being planted outdoors, although you might want to take them outside in the summer.  They also have specific planting needs:  the roots need to remain above the soil (which is how they cling to tree branches in nature), where, like other roots, they can absorb water and nutrients--but they also have the ability to photosynthesize, just as do the leaves.  I suspect you have a moth orchid, the most common one sold here.  This is a great Extension article on their care:
I hope this is helpful.  Good luck!
An Ask Extension Expert Replied November 20, 2023, 3:17 PM EST

Thank you for your reply.  The person giving these away said they were White Chinese Ground Orchids to be planted outside.

Unfortunately it appears this particular orchid is not neonicotinoid free therefore I will not be planting them.

The Question Asker Replied November 20, 2023, 8:47 PM EST
Good choice!
An Ask Extension Expert Replied November 20, 2023, 8:51 PM EST

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