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Asked November 20, 2023, 11:05 AM EST

I noticed this plant seems spreading in my yard. There are something attached to its roots when dug up. The roots go deep into ground. Please help me find its name and should I try to rid it off my garden. Thanks.

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

This appears to be Italian Arum (Arum italicum), an invasive species that grows foliage for the winter and can spread by seed or bulbs dug and moved by wildlife or people. In that case, we do recommend removal. You can either physically dig them out (a process that might take repeated attempts if missed bulbs or seeds sprout next year) or treat the foliage with a systemic (absorbed) herbicide so it kills the roots and thus the entire plant.

If using a herbicide, follow all label directions for use, and consider that plants of this nature which have fairly waxy, water-repellent foliage may need the addition of a surfactant to the spray. Also called "spreader-stickers," they are added to certain herbicides (or other pesticides) to help the treatment stick to the leaf long enough to be absorbed. Some products already include one, though, and others caution against using one, so always check the label of the herbicide for compatibility before adding it. Spreader-stickers are sold alongside pesticides in garden centers since they are regularly used together, and its bottle will have its own usage instructions. Be aware that more than one application may be needed before the plant succumbs. If the temperatures this time of year don't allow for the use of herbicide, try to get the leaves treated during mild spells either next autumn or in early spring before the leaves are shed by the plant for summer.

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