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Asked September 27, 2023, 11:35 AM EDT

I bought Thalia and was told to plant bulbs now. I did. I subsequently bought some more Thalia and the nursery employee told me to plant them after the first frost (we have not had one yet). The nursery further instructed me to dig up the Thalia I already planted because the "soil it still too warm". They feared that the planted bulbs mights sprout leave and then freeze. So, what to do? Pull up and replant later in the fall? Leave the planted bulbs? Thank you.

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response


The soil temperature map is showing that the approximate temperature in central MD is around 60 degrees. Generally we say October is the time frame to plant daffodil bulbs, and we are almost there so the bulbs you planted should be fine. Most daffodil varieties are fairly resilient. Different sources have listed the 'Thalia' variety to be planted when soil temperatures are about 55 degrees, and with weather trending cooler, they should be ok. Even if some top growth does come up and then freeze, it shouldn't affect the bulb. Missouri Botanical Garden state early to mid fall and they are roughly the same growing zone as Maryland (perhaps a tad cooler depending on location), so their guidance of early to mid fall sounds about right for us too.

In takes a few years for the bulbs to get going and multiple anyways, so we would recommend you just plant them when you have them, and they can start developing roots. As along as they are the appropriate depth, they should be fine! 

If you have other concerns or questions, feel free to reach out. 


Emily Porter Replied September 27, 2023, 12:11 PM EDT

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