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Asked September 25, 2023, 1:16 PM EDT

Hello, I see that Soil Testing is available, but I was hoping to test for contamination or toxin levels. Is something like this offered, or maybe you know where I could go for this? I can't seem to find where I could have this done. Testing would be on the soil of a residential yard for a personal garden. Thank you for any assistance you may have.

Kent County Michigan

Expert Response

Hi Lisa, thanks for the question. 

There is no "catch all" test for soil contaminates. 

If you are interested in testing your soil for contaminants, you should first identify the types of contaminants that may be present in your site.

MSU Extension does not offer testing for contaminants. We are putting together a list to help people find labs that do offer those services, but that is under development. A few labs you may check with are listed below, but there are certainly others we are not aware of. Listing these possibilities does not in any way imply that we have worked with or endorse them; it is simply a starting point in your search.

Fibertec Lab
1914 Holloway Drive
Holt, MI 48842
Phone<personal data hidden>

Element Lab Fort Wayne
328 Ley Road, Suite 100
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Phone<personal data hidden>

New Age Laboratories:

MDHHS Trace Metals Unit Lab:

Barry Andersen Replied September 26, 2023, 6:35 PM EDT
Good morning,

Thanks so much for sharing these suggested labs.
I was having trouble finding anything, so this is a great help in my search for soil testing.

Have a great rest of your day,

—Lisa T.

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