Help! Stinging Nettle Problem. #850414

Asked September 18, 2023, 4:45 PM EDT

We have a stinging nettle problem. I need to find a company who will eradicate it. In the past, my husband has sprayed the patch along our woodline with Roundup (!) and that knocked them down somewhat. However, he now has stage4 pancreatic cancer since last summer and no longer is able to much of our yardwork. The patch has grown significantly. This summer I hired a landscaping company to do our weeding, but they do not deal with the nettle and did not know of anyone who does. Please advise of any companies that can help. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Wright County Minnesota

Expert Response

Thank you for writing.
Your best bet is to repeatedly mow the area short.  Or you can cover the area with cardboard and put three inches of mulch on it.
There are chemical options but they all require multiple applications.

The University can not suggest particular private companies. This is a good site for finding reviewed weed killing companies.

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