Chestnut Bore #850395

Asked September 18, 2023, 3:20 PM EDT

Hundreds of Oak trees in Rice county are having the ends of several branches turn brown and die. My son is concerned that this could be Chestnut bore and thus deadly to our beautiful oak trees. I have attached a photo of a tree in my neighbor yard. Thank you for your help.

Rice County Minnesota

Expert Response

Hi Julie,

It's been a hard couple of years for trees. Drought has meant many are struggling, and this insect preys on stressed trees.

Here's information on two-lined chestnut borer:

I'd encourage you or your neighbor to consult a certified arborist who may be able to pin down what's going on with these trees. In the meantime, they should be watered. Lawn irrigation systems don't provide enough water for big trees. An oscillating sprinkler that waters the entire area under the tree canopy for several hours on a still day is the best way to help these oaks.

You can find a certified arborist at the website below. I found several arborists from Northfield, which should be near you.

Good luck.

MJ Replied September 18, 2023, 3:37 PM EDT

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