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Asked June 02, 2023, 4:53 PM EDT

My 9 year old Vermont maple suddenly dropped many very dry leaves, on a windy day last week. Is it a disease or could it have been caused by the late hard frost we had in early May?? Is there anything I should do?

Oakland County Michigan

Expert Response

Hello Susan

We are having many reports like this right now. This spring conditions were just right for maple leaf blister. If your leaves are showing black and tan spotting as shown in the pictures here—

then that is affecting your tree, too. There is no treatment, and the tree will recover. Just be sure to water the tree the equivalent of 1 inch of water per week while we are in drought conditions, like right now. This will help the tree push out new leaves from dormant buds, and will reduce the stress on the tree from the lack of rainfall.

To properly water a tree, thoroughly soak the entire area under the branches of the tree. Apply one or two inches of water twice a week when no rain is expected. If you use a sprinkler, you can place a flat-bottomed baking dish in the area being watered and watch the level to determine when 1 to 2" of water has been applied.

More details on watering established trees is here:

Thank you for your question! Replied June 02, 2023, 5:57 PM EDT

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