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Asked May 25, 2023, 9:17 PM EDT

I have a New Horizon Elm in my yard that was planted last summer. It had very few leaves on it when it was planted. So far this season it has only grown foliage along the trunk and has no signs of new growth on the branches. Is this normal for a young elm tree, or is it a sign of a problem? The other New Horizon elms in our neighborhood have foliage on the branches. If this is normal, is there anything I can do to encourage leaf growth on the branches?

Washington County Minnesota

Expert Response

Your tree may have transplant shock and dieback.
Transplant shock is a combination of three causes. Upon moving a tree , it undergoes: physical abuse (bruising and wounds),a reduction in size (roots and branches are cut off),and it ends up in a new environment.  A branch is still alive if it has flexible branches and twigs that don’t snap when gently bent. A living, healthy tree will have smooth, shiny, and well-formed buds that are protected from winter weather by an intact outer covering. Dry, shriveled buds are a sign that the tree’s twig or branch is no
longer receiving water and nutrients. In this case, it may already be dead. Your tree should have foliage on all branches during the growing season.  Elms usually leaf out early in the season.
Newly planted trees require more frequent watering than established trees. Try not to over water the tree. Please read the following site to determine how many years it take for a young tree to regrow its root system.  You should continue watering the tree until the tree regrows it roots.
Pat Mack Replied May 25, 2023, 10:55 PM EDT

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