Dwarf pine needle discoloration #822757

Asked March 18, 2023, 1:53 PM EDT

I got this Dwarf Aspen Pine tree from my real estate agent as a new house warming gift. I water it every Friday and let the water drain before placing it back in its decorative pot. I noticed that the needles at the top are turning grayish and the needles at the bottom are browning with healthy looking needles in the middle. It also seems like a decent amount of needles fall of when it's moved for watering it or to get the most sunlight as my windows in my condo face the west. Any thoughts as to how I can keep it healthy and help it fill out? Thanks much!

Hennepin County Minnesota

Expert Response

Thank you for writing.  Much of what is sold as a Dwarf Aspen Pine is actually a Dwarf Alberta Spruce.
This is a good picture on how to diagnose spider mites. which I suspect because of the dark dots on needles. I magnified one of your needles for you and because the damage is concentrated lower and inner on the plant.
To fix this.
1. clean out all that needle debris under the plant.
2. put the plant in a sink and spray it to wash off mites.
3. use neem oil (read the label and be very careful that you only use neem oil, some products claiming to be Neemoil have other pesticides.  Mix and apply the neemoil exactly as directed.  More is NOT better.

See attached.
Steve Miles Replied March 18, 2023, 2:18 PM EDT

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