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Asked March 18, 2023, 11:57 AM EDT

I recently read in a gardening article in our local paper that there are chemicals you can spray on grass that is in a perennial - it will kill the gras but not hurt the plant. Do these work? The ones suggested were: Ortho Grass-B-Gone, Bonide Grass Beater, and Hi-Yield Gras Killer. Thank you! Sincerely, Bev Engleson

Kandiyohi County Minnesota

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I have not used any of these chemicals but they are advertised as ‘safe’ in your perennial beds. There are some important things to remember here:

We are always taught as Master Gardeners ‘The label is the law’. Using chemicals is a personal choice so I always provide this info to people who are asking about using them. 

1. READ THE LABEL! Pay special attention to the list of perennials that are usually not harmed by it.

Read the safety precautions and follow them. Wear protective clothing and gloves when using chemicals. Do not spray on a windy day or when the temperature is above 80º (the chemicals can atomize at this temp). 

Do not use on vegetables, fruit or other edibles. This includes around the base of fruit trees. Below is a link to the Ortho Weed-B0Gone label from Home Depot and an article from the Chicago Botanical Garden (in the Chicago Tribune).

And lastly - purchase the smallest amount available so that you don’t have extra laying around for years or figuring out how to dispose of it safely.<personal data hidden>7-uygelqlgsnglxfqxsavmloix4a-story.html

Deb Reierson Replied March 18, 2023, 1:43 PM EDT
Thank you!!  You are the best!

Bev Engleson


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