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Asked February 01, 2023, 4:14 PM EST

my quest is if i can talk to anyone that does the beekeeping classes as iam a student at LBCC and writing a paper of the impact of losing bees. like if we could do a zoom call or over the phone call just so i can get facts on the perspective of the experts and this can be from anyone who is an expert in there backround.

Benton County Oregon

Expert Response

Hi Charles, 
There are two honey bee colony loss surveys which are completed each year. Each one contains a wealth of data which ranges from management strategies to why the beekeepers think their colonies didn't survive. One such survey is the PNW Honey Bee Survey. This survey for beekeepers in Oregon and Washington has been performed since 2014.

The other survey is nationwide. The data has been collected by the "Bee-Informed Partnership" since 2006. 

This link is to an interview with Natalie Steinhauer, the scientific coordinator for Bee-Informed Partnership in 2020,  about the annual survey.

Finally, if you need more information after reading through the above websites, you might want to contact the local Linn-Benton Beekeepers Association to talk to their bee school instructor or even attend a meeting.

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