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Asked February 01, 2023, 10:35 AM EST

There is a request to rezone from public land to multifamily 4 stories near our homes. Is there an expert who can consult us and possibly speak on our behalf at a rezoning hearing, which has been tabled until Feb. 14? It appears this fits the criteria for spot zoning.

Wayne County Michigan

Expert Response


You are encouraged to read How to spot a spot zoning or the more comprehensive resource Removing spot zoning from the fabric of zoning practice

As the resources make clear, there is no definitive means of determining whether a given rezoning is a spot zoning. Consultation with the master plan and other written and stated local government policies, goals, and objectives will be insightful.

Our staff cannot support your position, though you may find it advantageous to consult an experienced Michigan attorney. You can use the State Bar of Michigan's lawyer search and look for attorneys with experience in 'zoning, planning, & land use' or related law.
Brad Neumann Replied February 01, 2023, 11:40 AM EST
Thanks for your reply.  Your article How to Spot a Spot Zoning is what prompted me to reach out to you.  I believe the 4 criteria you described to reach to the level of Spot zoning were met.

Is there anyone who could be available to speak to our group, and offer knowledge on the subject matter?


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Mr. Johnson,

While she cannot speak on your behalf, I encourage you to contact Ms. Kambriana Crank, Extension Educator, based in Macomb County. Kam is very knowledgeable on land use planning and zoning matters and may be able to answer some of the questions of your group. She can be reached at:
Brad Neumann Replied February 01, 2023, 4:03 PM EST

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