Bradford Pear tree removal #817111

Asked December 01, 2022, 11:47 AM EST

Are there any programs in Caroll County, Maryland offering assistance for removal of Bradford Pear trees, as it's an invasive species? We have a large one on our property planted by the previous owner that needs to be removed. Thank you.

Carroll County Maryland

Expert Response

Kudos for your being knowledgeable and interested in removing invasives. 
Unfortunately, we are not aware of any help with the removal of Bradford Pear. 
However, if the tree is located where its eventual fall wouldn't threaten people or property, you could kill it and leave it to stand until nature naturally fells it.
There are methods like Girdling, where in spring or summer you use a hatchet to remove bark and cambium layer a few inches wide (about 6" from the ground) all the way around and then remove (or spray) any re-sprouting from roots or below girdled area.
And also a method called informally called  'hack-n-squirt' where  shallow cuts are made (1" for every inch of trunk caliper, interspersed with areas left alone) around the trunk and herbicides containing glyphosate are applied to the cuts. This works best in the fall.
There is much more information at this page from our website:


Christine McComas Replied December 01, 2022, 1:38 PM EST

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