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Asked December 01, 2022, 8:03 AM EST

How do I care for this? Also the cup tipped over and the succulent fell out and I noticed it didn’t have a root. Should i put root powder on it. This was given to me.

Baltimore County Maryland

Expert Response

Succulents have become incredibly popular and available in recent years, which has made them more challenging to identify,
 since there are hundreds of cultivars and hybrids.
It might be a Sedeveria (Sedum x Echeveria) or Graptoveria (Graptopetalum x Echeveria) or Graptosedum (Graptoveria x Sedum), or maybe even just a Sedum like Sedum nussbaumerianum.
In any case, caring for them is the same, as much bright light as you can give them, ideally at or near the sunniest window you have. You want to turn them regularly so that they keep an even compact rosette. 
We are hoping that there is good draining soil beneath the stones and that the pot has good drainage, which is essential or rotting can occur. (Any soil-based potting mixture should hopefully have been mixed 2:1;  two parts soil to one part coarse sand or perlite).

Succulents are pretty easy to propagate and it doesn't matter if there are roots at first. We don't think you are likely to need rooting powder (especially given that offsets pulled from adult plants are usually allowed to dry for a couple of days before being planted). Our reference says that roots will come if placed on a moist potting mixture and given an appropriate amount of light and warmth.

Christine McComas Replied December 01, 2022, 1:10 PM EST

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