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Asked November 29, 2022, 12:46 PM EST

Hello, is it too late to apply a winter seed to my yard? (today is November 27). About 8 days ago I did apply a fall fertilizer. I also had a large tree and tree stump removed this fall and had four water lines (to the curbs) dug up in my yard this fall, so the yard is in need of repair. The water lines were hand dug so the damage is not as bad as it might have been if a trench was used. If the answer is yes, a follow up question would be what seed would I purchase (bluegrass or rye or something else)? I very much appreciate any insight/knowledge you can share. Thank you,

Franklin County Ohio

Expert Response

Hi Sherri,

Yes, It is too late to seed this fall.  Best timing for seeding is considered August 15 - September 15, sometimes a little later.  Spring and summer seeding is not recommended.  A dormant seeding window may exist if conditions are favorable in February-March, but this is best for patchy repairs, for larger bare areas.  

Your greatest concern appears to be the number and extent of dug up water lines and resultant ruts affecting drainage.  The issues involve the settling of the soil and run-off.  You may need to level and regrade after the lawn has settled and then seed during prime seeding time in late summer.  Drainage may hurt seeding attempts and fertilizer.  Normally, fall fertilization is most beneficial, but you may have drainage issues washing your fertilizer away.

These issues and seed selection are addressed in this linked YouTube video:  

This should provide a great deal of information for remediating your lawn.  Much of the discussion and slides are directly on point for your issues.

Thank you for your question.
Greg Cada Replied November 29, 2022, 1:45 PM EST

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