What is digging in her yard? (G. Marshall) #817014

Asked November 29, 2022, 8:58 AM EST

It usually digs a night. The client have tried poison worms the ground mole traps, the scissor kind and the dyolox and nothing seems to be working.

Saginaw County Michigan

Expert Response

It is not always easy to trap moles.  Dylolox is for grubs - they shouldn't use that unless they actually have a grub issue and it should be timed correctly.  Moles eat all kinds of things - not just grubs.  Lift up a section of your lawn to see if there are any grubs in there b/c they could be wasting time and money and using an insecticide unnecessarily.

Two questions for them to consider:
1. Given that moles move around in search of food and we share space with them, can they tolerate some temporary damage and just reseed those areas?   Moles actually aerate the soil a bit, which is healthy for plants.
2. If they cannot tolerate the mole (my guess given the pristine look to this lawn), old fashioned traps are best bet, but it takes a lot of resetting those traps to get the mole(s).  I would not recommend gummy worm bait-dogs will eat them.

Thanks Joann-
Sarah Rautio Replied November 30, 2022, 3:11 PM EST

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