Move grape and blueberry plants from pots to ground #816992

Asked November 28, 2022, 2:33 PM EST

I live in Sublimity. Is it too late to transplant my pinot grapes and blueberries from pots to the ground? Thanks!

Marion County Oregon

Expert Response

Blueberry bushes should be planted while dormant, which means the leaves have fallen and there is no active growth. It is best to avoid harsh frosts or severe freezes, so planting in late fall (November) or early spring (March) is best. If the pots are already outside, you can transplant them now; the ground soil will protect the root system from cold temperatures more effectively than potted soil. If you transplant now, be sure to mulch the bush thoroughly with sawdust, woodchips, leaves, or a similar material to increase cold protection. There is no need to water or fertilize the bush at this point.

With the grape vine, it would also be best to wait until early spring to transplant after the risk of a freeze or frost. However, the same applies to the grape if the pot already lives outside. If you transplant now, mulch will also help the grape vine. Wait to transplant until the leaves have started to senesce or have fallen.

Cody Copp Replied November 29, 2022, 12:03 PM EST

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