Tomato recommendation for front range #816954

Asked November 27, 2022, 4:39 PM EST

Would you recommend a tomato variety for the Colorado front range please?

I have planted two tomato vines in large well drained pots for the last three years with terrible results. I tried what I thought was a hot weather variety this year thinking I would get better results. The plants had plenty of blooms but no tomatoes this hot summer. Once it turned off cooler, I began to get tomatoes and, in fact, having brought the plants indoor now have six large tomatoes growing on one vine.

Clearly I need a tomato variety for these hot 90 degree days and, perhaps, for this Brighton, CO altitude.

Any recommendations?



Adams County Colorado

Expert Response


Unfortunately tomatoes do not tolerate high temperatures well. You can try providing shade through shade cloth to reduce the temperature, but tomato flowers abort with temperatures consistently above 85 degrees F. Shading and strategic watering during peak heat are some of the best approaches. 

Sorry I cannot provide a great answer, this is an issue for many gardeners. 

Adams County Replied November 30, 2022, 2:05 PM EST

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