Philodendron from FL to OH #805955

Asked August 12, 2022, 1:27 PM EDT

I pinched this off of a palm tree in Florida.  It grows on the bark as seen in the picture attached. I've had it in a vase of  water over a month thinking it'd grow roots. The root looking thing (in the picture) was like that when I pinched it off the tree. My goal was to plant it in a pot in Ohio as an indoor house plant….But with no roots, can I? Will it die in potting soil with just that one root looking thing? Will it grow in potting soil or the fact it hasn’t died already (and lives off the tree bark in FL), is it more like an air plant? Or should it remain in a vase with water for the rest of it’s days? Will it grow in just water? How much of the stem needs to be touching the water?  I'm shocked it hasn't died relying solely on water.  Is it a philodendron? Look how wide the stem is.

Franklin County Ohio

Expert Response

Yes, it does look like a Philodendron. What looks like a root, may be an aerial root which can be planted in soil. Depending on how long your cutting is, you could cut it in half. Plant what looks like a root in soil and plant the other half of your cutting in water to develop roots. Following is a link to an Iowa State Univ Extension site with more info about growing philodendrons including propagation:
Pat Mraz - MGV Replied August 12, 2022, 9:40 PM EDT

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