I want to know if we need to cut down this tree. I have been unable to get an arborist to evaluate. #805953

Asked August 12, 2022, 1:21 PM EDT

Good Morning! This year our River Birch (?) tree looks 1/2 dead... the other branch of this tree has looked like it is fall all season... I have been unable to get an arborist to come out to evaluate. Is this tree dead? I don't know if we can cut off 1/2 of this if part of it is dead because I believe it provides a counter-balance for the other side. We have another tree of the exact type on the other side of our yard which looks quite healthy. We did not have this issue until this season... I have also included pictures of the leaves -- as close as I can get from our deck. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated! Heather Heun

Carver County Minnesota

Expert Response

Thank you for writing. This appears to be chlorosis of a river birch, a complex metabolic problem.
One half of the tree is dead. I cannot assess the structural stability of the tree. Although birch can live 40-50 years, many die at about 20, especially in less than ideal environments.
You certainly have to take down one tree. The other appears to be in a difficult to remediate situation and may be structurally dependent on the base or roots of the other tree. 
Steve Miles Replied August 12, 2022, 1:29 PM EDT

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