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Asked June 29, 2022, 2:45 PM EDT

Any advice on how to improve my Kentucky Bluegrass in my backyard as its under a very shaded area...

Clay County Arkansas

Expert Response

bluegrass has good shade tolerance, so the shade may not be the issue. It is fair on heat tolerance by it has been rather hot and dry. I'd recommend working with your local county extension office in Clay County and start with a soil test to get a baseline on your fertility level and pH, and go from there.
Colin Massey Replied June 29, 2022, 4:34 PM EDT
image0.jpegThis was my test results…

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Brent Sanford Replied June 29, 2022, 4:56 PM EDT
Got it. I would recommend getting another sample through your extension office (free) as it will come with a lime recommendation. pH is possibly a bit low for bluegrass which, like most plants, prefers between 6.5 and 7. Looks like you could use some potassium as well so you'll get fertilizer recommendations too in units of pounds of fertilizer per 1000 square feet.
Colin Massey Replied June 29, 2022, 5:00 PM EDT

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