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Asked June 23, 2022, 2:18 PM EDT

We live in Eagan, MN, fertilized our lawn in late April. Weather keeps going to extreme hot then brief cool period. When should we fertilize next? Almost July and it will probably get just as hot or hotter. We do have underground sprinklers, however the grass seems like it needs some nourishment. Does it hurt to fertilize in a few days, seems like a brief cool down. We bought some Scotts fertilizer, 26-0-3. Thank you for your help

Dakota County Minnesota

Expert Response

Judy, I understand what you are seeing regarding your lawn. I also have irrigation.   Mine is also reflecting the weather conditions.  I had just researched the same thing yesterday and it is NOT recommended that we fertilizer now.  That will only stress our lawns even more as they try to put out top growth.  Just keep watering however it is allowed in your area and the grass will survive and come back again later when weather is more temperate.  Allow the grass clippings to remain on your lawn.  This will both shade the roots and provide natural fertilizer.  Here is a link to our lawn care calendar.  You may want to bookmark or print it: 

Lawn care calendar | UMN Extension
Barbara Harlan Replied June 23, 2022, 5:44 PM EDT

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