Pinus Densiflora #780662

Asked January 23, 2022, 11:28 AM EST

Why is this tree not available to buy in the US? I cannot find it anywhere, except in the dwarf, or variegated, or yellow needle varieties. I am looking for the variety that is tall, 40' or more, with green needles and it tends to branch low on the trunk with many upright branches. I have seen at least two of these trees in Portland, one at a residence and the other at the Japanese Gardens, so I can tell that it can grow to mature size here. This kind of tree is so beautiful it seems odd that no one is selling them. Is there a problem with them? are they easily diseased? Thank you very much for considering my question.

Clackamas County Oregon

Expert Response


Yes, the full size tree grows here in the Willamette Valley

It does look like most available varieties are dwarf/yellow/variegated.

I looked up 'Pinus densiflora purchase' and it appears that nurseries from out of state offer the full-sized tree.

I don't know why it's not widely available here.
Weston Miller Replied January 24, 2022, 12:55 PM EST

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