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Asked January 23, 2022, 8:47 AM EST

I live in Abingdon, Md about 1/4 mile north of I-95. We have a deck and was looking to obtain a large planting container and have a single taller, tree like, plant in it. Maybe something that gets about 6+ feet tall. Is there any suitable plant that can be container grown and left outside over the winter for here in Maryland?

Harford County Maryland

Expert Response

If you are looking for trees/shrubs that will survive in containers over the winter, it is recommended to look for ones that are cold hardy to two zones lower than your local growing zone. In other words, if you are in USDA zone 7, look for trees/shrubs that are cold hardy down to zone 5.

The larger the pot size the better because size will minimize the stress of fluctuating soil temperature and moisture. You can look for frost proof containers large cast concrete, wooden, high grade plastic, etc. You will need good drainage and planters on hard paving should be elevated for effective drainage. There are many options for plants based on your site conditions and and we do not have specific recommendations.  Possibilities include ornamental grasses, large shrubs, dwarf evergreens, etc. Here is a link from Illinois on successful container gardening and the WPost for more information


Marian Hengemihle Replied January 24, 2022, 12:36 PM EST

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