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Pressure canner testing #780229

Asked January 14, 2022, 3:08 PM EST

Hi, I live in Yachats and would like to have my pressure canner gauge tested. where can i have that done? when i lived in alaska, i was trained to use the tester at the clinic where i worked!

Lincoln County Oregon

Expert Response

Pressure canner gauge testing is available at some County Extension Service offices, where a safety risk management plan has been implemented. Please call the Lincoln County Extension office directly to see if they have a plan in place for testing gauges (541) 574-6534

You may need to leave the lid for testing when food preservation staff are available. If you need to get your gauge tested, but are uncomfortable coming to the OSU Extension Service office, the Family & Community Health Program recommends that you convert your dial gauge canner to a weighted gauge canner, as weighted gauge canners do not require testing. If you own a Presto pressure canner, you can purchase a 3-piece weighted gauge from a store that offers canning equipment. If you own an All American canner, you can purchase a conversion kit online. For more information about pressure canners, consult the publication “Using and Caring for your Pressure Canner:”

Thanks for contacting Ask an Expert.  Happy canning!

Teresa Crowley Replied January 14, 2022, 5:51 PM EST

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