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Sriracha Peppers #773331

Asked September 27, 2021, 6:57 PM EDT

I purchased Sriracha plants at a local nursery. I started Jalapeno from seeds during the past winter. The Sriracha peppers are much larger (a little longer but much more pudgy for lack of a better term). I have had random of these turn red but very few. There are many still on the plants today at 133 days since planting and still a deep/dark green color. Jalapeno seed plants started turning a nice red about 2 weeks ago. I know these are supposedly both Jalapeno's. Is there another pepper that the Sriracha could be (as in it might have been mislabeled?) It's just that they are so dissimilar in size they appear to be different peppers. I imagine the plants vary from plant to plant but the "not turning red" thing makes me wonder even more? Thanks, Kyle Rollings

Blue Earth County Minnesota

Expert Response

The research I have done states that Sriracha peppers are Jalapeno peppers.  Leaves may be a bit broader and the pepper a bit fatter but they are the same.  They will turn red when ripe.  Actually my Jalapeno peppers look like your Sriracha and only one has turned so far.  Once they start to turn, it may start to look brown or orange at the tip.  If there is a weather concern, they could be picked at that point and kept in a warm room to finish ripening.

Barbara Harlan Replied September 27, 2021, 7:32 PM EDT

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