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choice and maintenance of lawn grass #759177

Asked June 29, 2021, 8:47 PM EDT

We moved to Bend OR in March. A small portion of our 1/2 acre lot is covered with grass. We do not know what type of grass. We are trying to use native plants for any additional landscaping we do. The current grass is rather thin in places and we are letting it go to seed to see if that helps, but I read that for some types of grass, going to see just makes the situation worse. Would appreciate information on low maintenance, drought resistant grasses for north east Bend. Thanks. Mary

Deschutes County Oregon

Expert Response

Hi Mary,

Welcome to Bend!

Establishing a lawn from seed involves several steps. The lawn seed you choose needs to consider the amount of sun or shade the area receives. Seasonal timing is also important for successfully planting a lawn from seed.

The Deschutes County OSU Extension has a publication describing seed mixes for our Central Oregon climate. Following is a link to the Extension Central Oregon Garden Publications website. Once you are on the website, clink the section entitled Lawns. Note the publication “Practical Lawn Establishment and Renovation”. Here you will find information on time of year for planting, soil preparation and recommended seed mixes. East of the Cascades seed mixtures are discussed on page 9-10. You will find recommendations for sun/shade seed mixes. Additional lawn publications include a turfgrass maintenance calendar for Central Oregon, and a publication providing proper methods for irrigation in our region.

Central Oregon Garden Publications | OSU Extension Service (

If you need additional information, you can call the Deschutes County OSU Extension office in Redmond at 541-548-6088. Ask to speak with Amy Jo Detweiler or Toni Stephan, members of the Horticulture Staff. Both Amy Jo and Toni welcome your home garden questions and are a great resource.

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thank you for the information.


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