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Right Trees for sound blocking. #757299

Asked June 20, 2021, 1:01 PM EDT

We have a a community problem with sound from a busy street. The northern boarder of our community is near a busy road. We are also in a newly developed area so our soil is compacted heavy clay. We are seeking the best trees we can plant to solve our noise problem that will thrive in our environment. 

Thank you for any suggestions.

Adams County Colorado

Expert Response

Hello Daniel, 

They are many concerns with soil compaction. Since as "a compacted soil reduces rate of both water infiltration and drainage. This happens because large pores more effectively move water downward through the soil than smaller pores.

In addition, the exchange of gases slows down in compacted soils, causing an increase in the likelihood of aeration-related problems. Finally, while soil compaction increases soil strength – the ability of soil to resist being moved by an applied force – a compacted soil also means roots must exert greater force to penetrate the compacted layer."

Here are different things to consider before picking a tree to plant:

1. How big is the area you are planting the trees in?

2. How big of a tree do you want when the tree is fully mature?

3. How far apart to plant the trees? You don't want to plant the trees to close together that they get in the way of each others growth.

4. How far away are you planting the trees from other structure? You don't want to plant trees to close to foundations because of root growth.

5. Do you want to plant deciduous trees or evergreens or both?

6. How many trees do you want to plant in your area?

Here are two fact sheets about native trees for here in Colorado. This trees will grow best in our soil and climate. 



Here are is information to reduce soil compaction. You may need to add organic matter to your soil.



Lastly, here are great directions on how to plant a tree properly which will help the tree to have less stress and grow it's best. I side note that is important in planting trees to remember; don't amend the soil underneath where you are planting the tree. The soil under the tree is best hard so the tree doesn't settle further down and become to deep. When that happens the tree roots will have less availability to oxygen. 


Arapahoe County Master Gardeners Replied June 21, 2021, 1:47 PM EDT

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