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Muscadine grapes #757294

Asked June 20, 2021, 12:37 PM EDT

Hello, I want to try to grow muscadine grapes in Linn Co, however no nursery carries them or will order them because their isnt a big enough demand. I've tried ordering them online, however I get "cannot ship to Oregon" messages every time. Please advise how I can legally buy muscadine grapes or help me understand why I cannot order them in. They would not be competition to the wine industry. Thank you

Linn County Oregon

Expert Response

Thanks for reaching out. I'm so sorry you're not able to find muscadine vines that can be shipped to Oregon. (I lived in the SE for a while and loved that unique muscadine flavor, too! Yum!).

There is a quarantine on grapes and grape vines coming into Oregon to help keep serious diseases and insects out of the state. (Not light reading but the specific rule can be found under scroll down to Quarantine: Grape Pests and Diseases 603-052-005.) Basically, this rule means that all grape vines coming in to Oregon need to be grown in a way that limits the harmful disease and insects that hitchhike on the vines. 

And you also nailed the other reason, the market for muscadines is very, very small here. In Oregon, backyard growers are focused on other table and wine grape varieties. So the folks at the muscadine nurseries aren't getting their plant material certified to ship to Oregon because the cost of certification outweighs the possible income. 

Have you tried reaching out to the Home Orchard Education Center in Clackamas? They may have a lead on someone already growing muscadines that may allow you to take a cutting from to propagate. (This group replaces the Home Orchard Society which closed in December.)

Best of luck!

Brooke Edmunds Replied June 21, 2021, 2:58 PM EDT

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