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soil compaction #750070

Asked May 15, 2021, 11:49 AM EDT

I have a water to air heat pump which dumps water on the surface in an area that needed a retaining wall replaced.We hired a company to do this and replace a failing retaining wall with boulders.The used a excavator that had tracks but I belive it compacted the soil so much that soil will no longer handle the amount of water volume that it use to.The contractor doesn`t believe they are at fault and I am stuck on my own to figure this out.I am unsure where to turn for help and would like some assistance with this.I would like to get this fixed before the next heating season.Please help

Crow Wing County Minnesota

Expert Response

The following websites give information on how to understand and treat soil compaction. Soil compaction is worse in some soils such as clay. It can get very technical but the solutions are what may interest you.  Adding organic compost is a common solution.  It breaks down the soil by adding microbes and making air spaces in the soil.  This makes the soil able to hold more nutrients and water.  It can help return your soil to its previous condition.

1. (This is a technical article aimed mainly for agriculture.)



Marykay Haas Replied May 15, 2021, 1:19 PM EDT

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