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Asked May 10, 2021, 5:36 PM EDT

Good day, What type of nettintg should I purchase to protect my garden plots from deer grazing.

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

Deer are a continuing problem. What I have done is put heavy duty deer netting 7' tall around my entire planting area and also use a motion activated water sprinkler on the driveway. Be sure you do not have a Home Owner Association rule that says you cannot do this. For smaller beds, you can cover your individual plants or entire bed with light duty bird netting. Be sure to hold it to the ground with bricks or stones. You can also install bird netting vertically, on fence posts or other support, but it needs to be 7 ft tall. The issue with bird netting is that it can occasionally catch birds and snakes (which I have to cut out if they are still alive). Snakes are good for your garden to reduce mice and voles, etc. All are available in big box stores and on-line. If you have more questions, please respond with more info and photos about the area you wish to protect.

Leonard Friedman Replied May 11, 2021, 10:03 AM EDT
Brilliant.  Thank you very much.

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