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Zucchini? #748027

Asked May 04, 2021, 5:03 PM EDT

Hi, I wanted to grow some zucchini this year and was wondering if there is a particular one you would reccomend? Thank you Mark

Multnomah County Oregon

Expert Response

Thank you for your question, Mark.  Assuming you are a home gardener, some of the best resources come from reputable seed growers themselves, rather than the commercial growing focused information from OSU.  You can find wider assortments of squash from their seed catalogues and websites than you will find in garden centers having transplants available.  But many garden centers have a lot of information on the seed packets.  Here is the best information we can provide to help you succeed with your choice:  Spring Garden Fair 10-Minute University (oregonstate.edu)

Good luck!

Kristena LaMar Replied May 04, 2021, 5:18 PM EDT

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