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Who's doing this? #748024

Asked May 04, 2021, 4:57 PM EDT

Hello, I can't figure out what pest is causing this sawtooth leaf damage on my lovely snow peas. Would love to know what it is and what I can do to control it in my organic garden. Thanks so much for your help!

Multnomah County Oregon

Expert Response

The culprits are birds! They're snacking on your fresh springtime greenery. The telltale clue to their activity are the triangular bites. You know, matching the shape of a bird's bill.

Consider temporarily protecting the seedlings until they produce a few more leaves. Row cover, loosely bloused over the plants and pinned to the ground at the edges, would work.
Jean R. Natter Replied May 04, 2021, 5:14 PM EDT
Oh that makes such good sense!  I was puzzled because it didn’t look like any insect damage I’ve seen.  Can’t blame them since they are tasty, but I’m not willing to share that much.  I’ll get them covered!

Thanks so much, Jean

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Marsha Owen Replied May 04, 2021, 5:54 PM EDT
You're welcome.
Enjoy your garden!
Jean R. Natter Replied May 04, 2021, 6:03 PM EDT

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