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Japanese lilac #748004

Asked May 04, 2021, 4:05 PM EDT

What should do with my Japanese lilac? One half is way slower than the other in putting out buds. I do see some buds coming but mostly bare. Will it come back if I prune way back?

Hennepin County Minnesota

Expert Response

It looks as though you have two trees.  One may have started as a sucker from the other.  I think your two trees need a good pruning once they have flowered.  You may want a certified arborist to do that as it would not be safe for you to get on a ladder and start cutting.  Lilacs are not usually allowed to get that tall.  You can find a certified arborist by going to this link and clicking on Find An Arborist.  Once your location is entered, a list of certified arborists in your area will appear.    The arborist could also tell you if one of them is failing and should be removed.  TreesAreGood.org

Barbara Harlan Replied May 04, 2021, 5:14 PM EDT

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