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Miscanthus ornamental grasses and transplanting #747992

Asked May 04, 2021, 3:25 PM EDT

We have dug up a Miscanthus sarabande and a Miscanthus Strictus (very large plants) 20 + years old. We split, divided and transplanted 8 sections to new locations in our yard. Our question is for the other 8 split and divided sections we will be giving to our son, they may not be re-planted for another 3-4 weeks, how do I keep them until they are replanted? Do they need to be kept in water? should I remove all the soil? Help these grasses are beautiful and healthy and would love to see them successfully transplanted at his home in NH (same zone). Thank you in advance Kathy

Chittenden County Vermont

Expert Response

Hello Kathleen:  My advice is to place the transplants into pots and keep them watered until ready to plant. Do not allow them to dry out. Be sure the pots have been cleaned to reduce the risk of spreading any plant diseases to the transplants. I would leave the root ball and as much of the soil as you can around the root system. I recommend storing them in a sunny/part shady area until transplanting.

Additional info. I read while researching re: proper transplanting of ornamental grasses -

In all cases:- Thoroughly moisten the rootball and
surrounding soil prior to digging, then allow a day or two so that the growing mix isn't soggy.- Prior to planting in the new site,
dig the hole, then fill it with water and allow it to drain completely; repeat the soak at least one more time.- Don't add anything to the planting hole. Not rocks or gravel; not compost; not fertilizer.

- Don't allow the roots to dry out prior to replanting.- After planting ensure that the rootball remains moist; water may be needed every several days at first.

Best of luck, and I hope this is helpful!

Lisa - UVM Master Gardener Helpline
Lisa Chouinard Replied May 04, 2021, 3:45 PM EDT

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