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grape trellis #747933

Asked May 04, 2021, 12:54 PM EDT

Hi, Gardeners Supply sent me to you. I would like to build a trellis for some wild grapes on my land. Yeah, I know they are invasive but I made some wonderful jelly last year. I had two trees come down, likely killed by the vines, and would like to build something to retain/control the disruptive vines. Am I crazy? Can someone help me design and install the trellis? Hope you are well. Best, Martha Martha Lance, Ph.D. Academic Advisor Certified Intrinsic Coach (she/her/hers) Honors College University of Vermont 50 University Heights Burlington, Vermont 05405 (802)656-9103

Chittenden County Vermont

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I think from the standpoint of the trellis that a grape is a grape is a grape.  The key to a successful trellis or arbor is to train the vines to the trellis.  This may be more work for a wild grape than for a domesticated one, but the nature of the work is the same.  Concentrate vigor in fewer vines and shoots, promote air circulation and exposure to the sun, etc.

In short, you're going to cultivate you wild grapes and the structures I would recommend are the same as for table grapes.  If you don't keep them cultivated they will take down the trellis just as they did the trees.  So I suggest you look into cultivation of table grapes and build a structure that you think you will be able to maintain.
Rob Kurth Replied May 04, 2021, 2:18 PM EDT
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Thanks, Rob. I was also thinking of keeping the downed trees as a low level trellis and prune the vines. Some of them are quite thick -- 1.5 - 2 inches in diameter.  That might be the way to go. I appreciate I need to keep them under control. 
Thanks for your help.


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