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Last frost date #747823

Asked May 03, 2021, 8:06 PM EDT

Hi there, I am new to gardening and was wondering if you could provide me with the average last frost date for Wood County, Ohio (I live in Pemberville). I have seen anywhere from mid April to June in the different resources I am reading, and wanted to get a more accurate date. Also, I read that it is best to wait until 2 weeks after the last average frost to transplant, is that what you would recommend? Also, could you provide the average date for the first fall frost for Wood County? Finally, do you have a preferred method for testing the pH of the soil? Thank you for your time, I appreciate any information you have!

Wood County Ohio

Expert Response

Hi Mary,

This is the link to the National Weather Service's page on Frost/Freeze Information for Northern Ohio.  The information it gives is for Toledo which is as close as I could find:
The June date you may have seen is the historic latest freeze for the area in 1972.  Also, frost is considered to happen at 36 degrees and a freeze is at 32 degrees, of course.  Your average last frost date is May 8.  I am writing from central Ohio and I am more comfortable with a mid-May date.  You may be as well.  I had not seen the information about waiting two weeks, but it does make sense to check the newspaper weather column, the weather app on your phone, or on your computer and look at the ten day forecast.  Plan accordingly.  
Toledo's average first fall frost date is October 6, and average freeze date is October 16.
Now, as far as testing pH, I would just go for a complete soil test.  Franklin County Extension offers one for $11.70.  This is the information:

Finally, although you didn't ask for one, the University of Maryland has a good fact sheet about starting a home garden:

Good luck and enjoy!

Chris Tilton -MGV Replied May 03, 2021, 10:38 PM EDT

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