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Wood boring beetles #744478

Asked April 15, 2021, 12:49 PM EDT

Wood boring beetles: I am killing about 10 every day in my house. I am concerned that they are causing damage I have no idea how they are getting in. We bought Juniper firewood last year that had lots of powder post beetles the holes in them but I don’t think these are the same insect. Are these a danger to our house?

Harney County Oregon

Expert Response

Hi Linda. I'm going to send the photo to our insect expert to see if she can make an identification, but it is NOT a powderpost beetle and I do not believe it to be any of the beetles that infest dry wood (such as would be in your home). I will follow up with more detail, direct to your email, once we've gotten a more precise identification.
John Punches Replied April 15, 2021, 2:05 PM EDT

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