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Identify this bug #735168

Asked December 11, 2020, 1:16 AM EST

Could you possibly identify this bug ? I found on kitchen floor alive (winter). Thanks

Southeast Fairbanks County Alaska

Expert Response


That is a type of Cuckoo Wasp. They are an interesting wasp. Some of them will be parasites on other insects, laying their eggs on the eggs of other insects so when they hatch they can eat the other eggs. Some will actually parasitize other insects like sawflies and lay their eggs on the zombie insects, who will feed the larvae. And some are real sneaks and will wait for some other wasp to create a zombie insect, then move in and lay their eggs on the the other wasps zombie and skip the trouble of making the zombie and nest. This last one is where their common name comes from. There a quite a few species, and are no threat to us. They likely ended up in your home, and like house flies will do, hid in a crack, then got woken up for some reason or another and wandered out. Because they are diverse I can't say what they were doing in your house in the first place, maybe just hiding from the cold. But they also could have been looking for something to parasitize or a place to put their zombie.
Jozef Slowik Replied December 11, 2020, 2:44 PM EST

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