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Asked November 03, 2020, 2:55 PM EST

i had a ladybug ina jar i kept it as a pet. i aired it every few hours so it wouldnt suffocate and got aphit=ds from my neighbors rose bush. ladybug dissapeared. dunno wher it is it might be dead or hiding really well. found whitish clear wormy with no face like a regular maggot has a pink stripe in it. what is it and will it hurt my aphids or ladybug? i found  the lady in a spiderweb and rescued her... i did not release her oncw healed because it is cold late fall and not ladybug seson and i would care for eggs if she layed them. didnt wsant her to be in the cold outside much too cold for her. but whats the whitish pink striped squirmy? no legs

Multnomah County Oregon

Expert Response

Than you for your question. We're going to need a clear, closeup photo of whatever you are trying to identify. Ladybugs (beetles, actually) have survived outdoors in far colder temperatures than we experience, so s/he would have had a better story had you left her/him outdoors.
Kristena LaMar Replied November 04, 2020, 1:54 PM EST
ok i will try to get a photo... the lady was caught in a spiderweb and bleeding so i kept it. it stopped bleeding within a day so i will put it with my neghbors rose bush today. i will find the maggot and photo it when i can i dont have a camera right now in a few hours i should have myphone 
The Question Asker Replied November 04, 2020, 1:58 PM EST
If what you have is a maggot, it will change form (morph) into a fly.
Kristena LaMar Replied November 04, 2020, 2:04 PM EST
oops i culdnt find him again. i wasnt imagiging tho. i put the ladybug in the neghbors rose bush in the shelter of a flower. by  this time the stuf in the contaner was nasty and old and stuff and the contaner itself was gross bc i kept it outside as a bug hunting container before the lsdybug, so im turning it into an insect 'bin'. i will put thoes shell things that go real fast and some rollypollys and a small slug or two and then when theres some rot in there i will put worms in. 
The Question Asker Replied November 04, 2020, 3:34 PM EST

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