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Miserable #732659

Asked October 30, 2020, 5:45 AM EDT

I have been plaqued with what I believe are black file bites, it seems like they have become attracted to me like I’m their momma breastfeeding her children. I have never had an issue with getting bit in my 26 years of life. I feel like I’m losing it, but then I’ll see a tiny black thing flying towards me and at times I’ve been able to smack one out the air. My hair, ears, feet, body are driving me nuts I’m unsure what to do. My family thinks I’m losing it. It’s unreal how these things seem to cling into me and settle in areas like work/car/home and just explode in number. When I vacuum or clean these things become aggressive. I’ve tried all repellent and I can’t handle it anymore and I’ve spent to much on this. What do you think could’ve changed to where I’m being targeted by any biting insect around. I work in port Huron and live in Shelby twp. Every dr I talk to thinks I’m crazy and starts to tell me something different and a diff expl that bugs would be effecting everyone around me not just me. I am having severe allergic reactions and I am unsure what else to do. I can’t live another day like this, I’ve gotten desperate enough to try anything to end this hell.

Macomb County Michigan

Expert Response


First, I do not think you are crazy.  I believe your symptoms are real; I am just not sure they are caused by an insect.  I say this because one would not encounter black flies inside a home at this time of year.  Also black flies are slow moving and big enough to see. I want to help you identify this insect that is biting you.  You need to catch some and send them to me.  If you can feel them on you , you might try collecting specimens using a lint roller. Then send the roller sheet to me and I will examine it under my microscope. Every time you feel something crawl on or bite you, roll the area with the lint roller. Use the same sheet over and over again, like a 100 times, until it is no longer sticky. Send me one and only one roller sheet. Wrap it with clear plastic wrap to keep it from sticking to the envelope. Mail it in a padded envelope or box to this address.

Plant and Pest Diagnostics
578 Wilson Rd.
East Lansing MI 48824-6469

Be sure to include a note with your contact information and the complete address.

You can download one of our submittal forms here: https://www.canr.msu.edu/pestid/uploads/files/Diagnostic%20Services%20submittal%20form%20012-001%20version%20July2019%20FILLABLE.pdf

Please do not drive yourself crazy with this.  I understand you are desperate for answers and relief.  I want to help you.  While we are trying to identify the bug, I think you would benefit from seeing a trained professional to help you cope with the anxiety and desperation you are feeling now.




Howard Russell Replied October 30, 2020, 9:55 AM EDT

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