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Spider ID #731139

Asked October 18, 2020, 12:18 AM EDT

I've been bitten quit a few times. We bombed the house and found this spider. Can you I'd it for me?

Polk County Oregon

Expert Response

Spiders and other arthropods can be difficult to identify, once they die and lose their color and shape. It is also difficult to provide an ID without a sense of the size of the spider. Thus, I can't provide an ID with confidence, other than that it is a wandering spider rather than a web building spider. I can see that it is a male. Given the time of year, some male spiders may accidentally wander into a house, while they are moving about and searching for mates They are generally harmless to humans, and rarely bite unless threatened or disturbed. 

Please use extreme caution when using insecticides forgers. They can be extremely hazardous to health.

Gail Langellotto Replied October 24, 2020, 10:28 AM EDT

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