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Holly ID and berry production #728778

Asked October 05, 2020, 10:15 AM EDT

Hi there! I just moved into a condo in Chapel Hill, and there are two hollies outside that I'd like help ID-ing. They also don't seem to produce very much fruit, and I'm wondering why. The HOA's landscapers came through recently and sheared them, and I'm wondering if the timing of the pruning had anything to do with it? Is there a best time to prune hollies for berry production?

Orange County North Carolina

Expert Response

Both American and Chinese Holly are dioecious.

Both sexes must be present to produce fruit (dioecious). If you have a male plant, it won't produce fruit. [of two houses- there are male and female plants] 

First image, American Holly Ilex opaca, Bright red or orange berry-like drupe. Persist on tree from September through February on female plant.


Second image, Chinese holly, Ilex cornuta, 1/3 inch fruits are bright to dull-red and berry-like. They are produced on female plants. Fruits persist into winter.

Mart Bumgarner Replied October 05, 2020, 4:11 PM EDT

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