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Dead honey bees on front porch #728105

Asked October 01, 2020, 10:59 AM EDT

We just moved into a new home and have been finding dead honey bees on our front porch every morning. Probably about 10 or so per day. Last night we saw them fluttering around our porch lights. We have been trying to only turn our porch light on well after dark and turn off before it gets light. We are going to try to install yellow bug lights outside too. I have not located a nest but we live next door to a green space. Any tips on how we can divert these guys from dying on our porch? I feel terrible seeing the dead honey bees!

Washington County Oregon

Expert Response

Thank you for your curiosity and efforts to help the bees. It appears that there is a honey bee hive / nest in close proximity to your porch. It is not very common, but we do see occasionally honey bees coming to the lights when the hive is in close proximity to the light source. In some cases it has been documented that honey bees that are infested with a parasite called Apocephalis borealis (zombie fly) are more inclined to fly towards light. I think you are taking the right steps by turning on lights only well after dark. If that is not working then please try keeping the lights off for couple of days and see if that makes a difference. Less bright lights could help, but there is no guarantee. Please keep me posted. My e-mail is
Ramesh Sagili Replied October 05, 2020, 2:19 PM EDT

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