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Can you help me ID a spider? #727823

Asked September 29, 2020, 4:34 PM EDT

I've spotted this spider a few times in my house over the past couple years and would like to confirm I don't need to worry about it. Including legs, it seems about the size of a quarter, and is usually walking on the floor. The spider in the photo is a bit dehydrated and with blond carpet fibers on it after being in the vacuum canister for several hours. I compared to photos of Oregon spiders, but am not sure. Thanks for any help!

Washington County Oregon

Expert Response

The spider appears to be a giant house spider, Eratigena atrica, formerly Tegenaria gigantea and T. duellica.

Whatever the name, it's common here in the northwest and is most commonly seen during the fall when it tends to come indoors. Its normal habitat is outdoors in the grass or low-lyng shrubs.

Their so-called funnel webs have a non-sticky, horizontal landing pad in front of a small webby tunnel. The webs are often built in low lying shrubs or among rocks.

The good news is that it is harmless to people and their pets.

See "Giant house spider" -

Jean R. Natter Replied September 29, 2020, 6:16 PM EDT

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